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SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

High End 2001 -- Frankfurt, Germany
Daily Coverage - June 15

All prices in German marks (DM) unless otherwise noted.
1 US dollar is approximately 2.3 German marks.

Sharp Electronics of Japan used their 1-bit amplifier technology in their high-end electronics. Now this has trickled down to the compact SD-NX10H stereo system, which features a CD player, MD recorder, tuner and external amplifier. It's priced at 3000 DM without speakers (those shown are from Elac).

Designer Volker Kuhn proudly stands by his Black Forest Audio Farao loudspeaker, which features a wideband driver and transmission-line enclosure. The price is 16,000 DM per pair.

Although Avantgarde showed prototypes of the two-way active Solo loudspeaker speaker before, High End 2001 is the official product debut. The Solo is 4790 DM each.

Fans of the Spendor LS3/5A will want to take note of the newest external crossover, available from Cicable. The original crossover (right, which must be removed from the speaker) is shown beside the new external crossover (center), which comes with the case shown and a full instruction set on how to remove the old crossover and install the new. The price is 1800 DM.

Denmark's Holfi showed their 2.5-way Tyra Charisma loudspeaker priced at 9000 DM per pair.

Electrocompaniet debuted the Nada 400W class-A mono amplifier. It retails for 15,000 DM per pair.

Castle Acoustics showed the new Warwick 3 loudspeaker, which retails for 2000 DM per pair without stands.

Germany's Lindemann Audiotechnik showed their Reference SACD player priced at 15,000 DM.

Hungary's Etalon makes electronics, speakers, cables and even their own recordings. The speakers shown are priced from 1490 to 10,000 DM and are available in kit form or as finished products.

Denmark's GamuT showed the M-250 mono power amplifier priced at 20,000 DM per pair. That's a highly polished chrome faceplate doing the fantastic job of reflecting the pattern of the carpet.

The Piega C-40 from Switzerland is the company's new flagship speaker and features a sand-cast aluminum cabinet. The price is 53,800 DM per pair. The amplifier flanking it on the right is the Amp Mono, priced at 15,000 DM per pair. It can output 200W into 8 ohms and 1000W into 1 ohm.

SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

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