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High End 2001 -- Frankfurt, Germany
Picture of the Day - June 14

Germany's High End Society, which organizes and manages the High End show at the Kempinski Hotel, is an organization consisting of about 40 importers and distributors. The organization was originally founded in 1981. This year the High End show celebrates its 20th anniversary (19th in the same venue).

Each show opens with a press conference that gives the highlights of the event. For example, today there are approximately 180 exhibitors representing more than 500 brands. The organizers stated that although some German shows of past years are gone, the High End show has grown in size and scope and is now one of the largest consumer-oriented high-end shows in the world. And due to the increasing international importance of the event, for the first time the High End Society had a translator on hand to translate the entire press conference.

From left to right are: Alex Manninger (from In-Akustic; the press conference's translator and a member of the High End Society), Kirk Hecker (member of the High End Society), Dirk Risse (from Hessen Digital Radio GMBH), and Branko Gilsovic (High End 2001 organizer).

SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

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