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SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

CEDIA Expo 2001 -- Indianapolis, IN USA
Faces and Places Picture Gallery - Series 1

All prices in US dollars.

Mark Markel of Analysis Plus holds his company's two new budget-priced cables -- the Oval One interconnect ($89/meter pair) and Clear Oval speaker cable ($99/eight-foot pair).

API's Carmine Gitto stands next to the new Athena Audition ASF-2 speaker, which he helped design. The Audition line includes two bookshelf speakers and two floorstanders, and prices range from $149 to $600 per pair for the speakers shown. The new line will begin shipping in 60-90 days. We have review samples promised for GoodSound!.

Flat is in, as this booth of Bohlender-Graebener Radia flat-panel speakers and Luce flat-screen TVs and PC monitors indicates.

As you would expect at a show dedicated to custom installation, a large number cable manufacturers displayed at CEDIA. Here, Nordost's Vin Garino shows his company's line. Nordost plans to offer this display to A/V dealers and custom installers as a demonstration tool.

Austin Powers' bachelor pad? Nope. The media room set up by Zenith.

HDTV sets from 27 manufacturers were on display side by side in the CEDIA HDTV Garden, each showing identical source material for easy comparison.

One of the more elaborate displays was this one from Sanyo. We wondered where these things go after a company decides not to use them anymore.

Via hourly demonstrations, Mirage showed the ease with which its new Incognita speakers can be installed in existing walls.

The Halcro/Nearfield home-theater system used a number of Halcro amps and Pipedreams speakers (along with an Ultimate Entertainment Vision System, power products from Shunyata Research and Vistek Aurios) to demonstrate high-end home-theater and multichannel SACD playback. The retail price of such a system? A cool $518,000 and change.

JPS Labs' namesake, Joe Skubinski, holds a meter pair of the new Superconductor FX interconnects ($295/pair), which are far more flexible than their predecessors. JPS Labs has introduced a new line of cables for the pro market based on Superconductor FX design.

SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

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