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SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

CEDIA Expo 2001 -- Indianapolis, IN USA
ShowStoppers - Series 2

All prices in US dollars.

Pioneer's Elite DVR-7000 is a DVD player/recorder that can record up to two hours of video per disc. It will retail for around $2000 when available later in the year.

Pioneer showed three all-in-one home-theater systems that impressed us with their functionality, styling and prices. From top to bottom are the HTD-510DV ($499), HTZ-77DV ($799) and HTS-910DV ($999). Each includes receiver with tuner, DVD player and five speakers with powered subwoofer. The two more expensive systems can also play back MP3-encoded discs.

Pioneer's new Elite VSX-49TX receiver ($4200) is positively loaded with features, the most novel of which is its MCACC circuit that measures the acoustic characteristics of the listening area via an add-on microphone and neutralizes "the ambient characteristics that can 'color' the original source material." A lower-powered, less expensive model, the Elite VSX-47TX ($3000) also includes the MCACC circuit.

Thiel's new CS1.6 loudspeaker uses a newly developed aluminum-cone woofer and will be available soon at under $2500 per pair. Jim Thiel said that the CS1.6's sensitivity is 90dB.

The Nagra MPA integrated amp ($14,500) can also be ordered as a power amp ($12,000). The control area can be mounted either horizontally or vertically -- and so can the unit itself.

Toshiba's 34HF81 HDTV had Doug Blackburn drooling over its impressive picture and more affordable price -- $1999.

SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

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