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SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

CEDIA Expo 2001 -- Indianapolis, IN USA
ShowStoppers - Series 4

All prices in US dollars.

Philips showed two affordable multichannel SACD/DVD-V players, the SACD 900 (top, $349) and DVD 962SA ($549).

Sony's Cineza VPL-HS1 LCD projector ($2999) was designed with functionality in mind. It can be placed up to 20 degrees off center and still display an image that is not geometrically distorted, comes with its own stand, and can accept Sony Memory Stick media for digital slide shows.

Kenwood's new Sovereign line includes two DVD players that incorporate Faroudja video-enhancement circuitry. The DV-5900 (top, $1200) is a five-disc changer, while the DV-5900V ($1500) can hold 400 discs and flip two-sided DVDs for uninterrupted play. Both  are DVD-A compatible too.

Placed on top of a TV as a center-channel speaker, Gallo's new Dué ($599/pair), which uses two 4" spherical speakers flanking a patented CDT tweeter, may be mistaken for an antenna...

...but not when oriented vertically with its protective metal grille in place. Gallo quotes the Dué's sensitivity as 93dB, its frequency response as 60Hz-40kHz.

Krell's new Showcase surround-sound processor (top) and multichannel amp are aimed at buyers of pricier mass-market products who want audiophile build quality. Estimated prices are $4000 each, and availability is set for February 2002.

SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

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