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SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

Son et Image 2001 -- Montreal, Canada
Daily Coverage - March 24

All prices in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

Odyssey showed its Tempest preamp (left, $895) along with the Stratos amp (not shown, $995), a Symphonic Line CD player (right, under $3000 when available) and soon-to-be-available Symphonic Line two-way speakers.

Velodyne displayed two new subwoofers: the SPL-1000 (left, $1100) and SPL-1200 ($1500).

Creek's Canadian distributor, Europroducts Marketing, Ltd., displayed three new components aimed at the more budget-minded audiophile -- the typical Creek buyer: the CD43 Mk 2 CD player (top, $1399 CDN), 5350 SE integrated amp (middle, $2150 CDN), and 4330 SE integrated amp ($849 CDN).

Polk's new RMDS-2 home-theater system ($2100) includes the processor on the bottom-right shelf of the rack and the subwoofer in the corner. Of course, Polk can supply the front, center and surround speakers too.

Roksan showed its Caspian DVD player ($1900)...

...and a new turntable, the TMS ($13,000 CDN without tonearm).

Soundcare products hail from Norway and include footers for speakers ($75 CDN/set of four), self-adhesive footers ($50 CDN/set of four), and screw-in replacement footers for components ($80 CDN/set of four).

SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

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