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SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

Son et Image 2001 -- Montreal, Canada
Daily Coverage - March 25

All prices in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

Simaudio showed a prototype of the Moon Stellar DVD player (front, around $3000 when available) and the Moon Attraction surround-sound processor ($5495)...

...while their massive Moon Titan HT-200 multichannel amp ($5595) made beautiful music with ProAc Response 3.8s.

Italian electronics manufacturer Pathos is now making speakers. The E-motion Grand ($8900 CDN/pair) was hard to miss.

More from Pathos. It's a bit hard to see, but this uniquely styled prototype integrated amp has heatsinks that spell out "Pathos."

The newest Aurios product is the Pro MIB ($599/set of three), which comes with a .25"/20 stud for mounting under components or equipment racks.

Sony used an array of five of the new SSLA500ED speakers ($400 CDN each or $1000 CDN for five) to demo SACDs. Also in use was the new SAWX90 subwoofer ($1200 CDN).

Summum Acoustique showed almost an entire system of their products, including the floorstanding Chorus speakers ($25,000 CDN/pair) and mono amplifiers ($4000 CDN each). The company's preamp is unique because it allows control of the gain to multiple amplifiers per channel and thus the gain to each speaker driver.

Keep an eye open for SoundStage! reviews of the Audio Aero Prestige mono amplifiers ($29,500 CDN/pair)...

...and 47 Labs electronics, including the 4705 Progression DAC ($4600 CDN), 4706 Gaincard amplifier with Power Humpty power supply ($5300 CDN), and 4713 Flatfish CD transport with Power Dumpty power supply ($8700 CDN).

Quebec company MDG Audio showed their Allegrio ST-800 amplifier (left, $2600 CDN), which produces 150Wpc into 4-ohm loads, and Allegrio preamp ($2000 CDN) with outboard power supply. The company also produces cables.

Tubes and solid state on the same rack?!? Top to bottom are the Chord 1200C power amp (330Wpc, $10,300 CDN), Chord 3200E preamp ($9900 CDN), Canary Audio 601 preamp ($3299 CDN) and Canary 300 amp (22Wpc via 300B output tubes, $6695 CDN). All products are distributed in Canada by Bluebird Music.

SoundStage! Network graphic designer Karen Fanas poses first with the Quad 989 electrostatic speaker ($12,600 CDN/pair)...

...and then with the stand-mounted Coax 1 from Tondino Acoustic ($1300 CDN/pair).

SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

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