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SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

Son et Image 2001 -- Montreal, Canada
Faces and Places Picture Gallery - Series 1

March 22nd, the day before the show is scheduled to start, Montreal is hit with a crippling snow storm that saw many travelers stranded, including our editor-in-chief Marc Mickelson. Marc's flight from Chicago was re-routed to Ottawa, where he ended up hitching a ride with three IBM employees to Montreal.

From five floors up at the Delta Hotel there is barely any traffic down below due to the storm.

But the must go on! Richard Kohlruss of VMAX Services begins to haul in equipment. VMAX is the distributor of  product lines such as Audio Analogue, Pathos, Final, Cairn and Triangle -- all of which will be displayed at this show. Watch for pictures.

The lobby of the Delta Hotel is filled with boxes. Exhibitors for this show work late into the evening for the opening on Friday at 1:00 PM.

But Friday morning proved to be not much better! The snow was still falling in Montreal.

Nevertheless, enthusiasts made their way to the Delta Hotel for registration and plenty of exhibits.

SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

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