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SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

Son et Image 2001 -- Montreal, Canada
Faces and Places Picture Gallery - Series 3

All prices in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

Blue Circle used its top-of-the-line BC3000 preamp (foreground right with wooden and stainless-steel knobs, $6300) and BC8 mono amplifiers ($6950/pair) to power inexpensive PSB Alpha speakers. The sound? Very good, but with no low bass, of course.

A JoLida 150Wpc JD1000A tubed integrated amp drove Cliffhanger Bulldog speakers ($3800/pair), a tough load. Also in use was a JoLida CD player ($550).

A room we kept returning to was that of distributor Plurison (known in the US as Audio Plus Services), which played JMlab Utopia speakers ($30,000/pair) with YBA electronics -- the Passion preamp ($9000), CD3 CD player ($3000), and Passion stereo amp ($10,000).

The combination of Perreaux solid-state electronics (SM6 preamp, $4900 CDN; CD1 CD player, $4900 CDN; 750 monoblocks, $8000 CDN each) and Vaessen Box speakers ($7500/pair) offered designer looks and very detailed sound.

The Nagra room was consistently packed with showgoers, but we were able to snap this picture early on Saturday morning, before anyone else showed up.

Marc Mickelson (right) and Karen Fanas (center, SoundStage! Network graphic designer) experience the Nordost cable demo with SoundStage! reader Dale Smith (far left)...

...then Marc tries to identify the cables used for a demo of Audio Research electronics and Dunlavy speakers...

...and he finally relaxes in Sony's two-channel media chair, which will be sold only over the Internet. The chair is used for private viewing of movies or game playing and vibrates to approximate the information that the user would hear from a subwoofer. The glasses are sold separately for $999 CDN.

SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

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