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SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

Son et Image 2001 -- Montreal, Canada
ShowStoppers - Series 2

All prices in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

Audion's 12Wpc Sterling remote-controlled single-ended integrated amp ($2500) uses "extended triode circuitry" that switches into ultralinear mode for fractions of a second to produce the dynamic peaks of a 25Wpc amp. It looked great in black and highly polished gold -- it's front panel reflects the wood grain from the cabinet on which it sits.

You'll soon read a SoundStage! review of the Wyetech Labs Onyx SET mono amps ($4500/pair), which produce 13 watts each.

More tube amplification. The gorgeous ER Audio Stone Twins class-A SET mono amplifiers have four pounds of silver in their solder alone. They use V52 tubes along with a pair of 300Bs to produce 25 watts each.

The PMC AML-1 active speakers ($8000 CDN/pair) are biamped with Bryston 3B and 2B amps and a 10B crossover -- all of which is housed inside each speaker.

The Antique Sound Lab Wave amps ($99 each) are the least expensive monoblocks we can remember seeing and are small enough to travel in carry-on luggage, which is how they arrived in Montreal. They use 6BM8 output tubes to produce 10 watts each. The tube cages are optional and cost $20/pair.

The Quad 240 "package" ($10,000 CDN) includes a pair of 40W, KT-88-powered mono amps and a tubed preamp.

This Cairn DVD player was not quite in its final form, but its look was very eye-catching. Its estimated retail price is around $2800.

SoundStage! LIVE A/V Tour 2001

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