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CES 2001 - ShowStoppers Series 5


The striking Opera Consonance Reference 1.1 preamp (top shelf of rack) and Reference 9.9 SET monoblocks (on floor) are made in China and cost $9900 for the set. The amps use 845 output tubes to deliver 28 watts each.

The Phil Jones-designed AAD E-30 speakers won a Tech TV award in Las Vegas. They cost $179 per pair, or $969 for five with an active subwoofer. The pen sitting atop the right speaker gives an idea of the speaker's diminutive size.

Bel Canto showed two more versions of its EVo amplifier, the EVo 200.6 (above, $4795) for home-theater use and EVo 200.4 ($3795) for home-theater or high-power two-channel use.

Part of the company's new Halo series, this Parasound DVD player (top) and system controller have not yet been priced.

Although it was used in a room that was too small for it, the Impact Technology Airfoil V speaker system ($38,500 with towers, subwoofers and crossover) was able to portray ample space and decay from CDs and SACDs.

Following on the success of its MD 208 receiver, Magnum Dynalab has released the MD 308 integrated amp, which costs $2350.

Another entry in the high-priced tube-amp category, the Western Electric 91-C monoblock costs $68,000 per pair.


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